Professional Material Handling Equipment

Highest Quality "Transportation Tools"

designed and engineered
for continuous duty performance,
at the Shop, the Jobsite, the Plant, the Warehouse
or wherever product needs to be moved or stored.

A-Frame Trucks, Box Trucks,
Drywall Carts, Hand Trucks, Industrial Dollies,
Lumber Carts, Panel Movers, Platform Trucks,
Roof Carts, Wheelbarrows
& so much more

Premium Quality
Contractor-Grade Products only

" Professionals that need a Cart,
always call Industromart

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April 2018 Spring
Contractor Cart
Quantity Pricing Promo


featuring our

International Series

Drywall Carts,
Sheetrock Carts, Wallboard Carts
General Purpose Shop  Carts,
Panel Movers & Dollies

Outstanding Values 

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for Model Specs & Promo Costs

April 2018 Spring
USA Fleet Truck Promo
Quantity Price + Free Truck


featuring our Special

American-Made Fleet Series
Convertible 2 wheel / 4 wheel
Aluminum Hand Trucks

A 15th Truck Free
when 14 Trucks are ordered

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April 2018 Spring
Free Shipping Promo

featuring our


Premium Quality
General Contractor & Roofer Wheelbarrows

Featuring the Heaviest Duty Tray

on the Market

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April 2018 Spring
Fabricator Cart
Quantity Pricing Promo


featuring our

American- Made CANIS Series

Premium Quality
Contractor & Fabricator Shop Carts

Featuring Fully Welded Steel Frames
3 Industrial Wheel Choices

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 to view Models & Costs

Whether you are a Contractor, an Engineer, a Fabricator,
a Plant Maintenance / Operations Supervisor or in Purchasing,
we are here to help.

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A-Frame Carts
32 Models

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Lumber Carts
3 Models

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Panel Carts
20 Models

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Drywall Carts
19 Models

click to view

Platform Truck
205 Models

click to view
U-Boat Truck
14 Models

click to view
Multi-Purpose Cart
2 Models

click to view
Pipe Stake Truck
29 Models

click to view

Roof Cart
9 Models

click to view
Job-Site Wagon
61 Models

click to view
Service Cart
136 Models

click to view
Hopper Truck
2 Models

click to view

Steel Box Truck
32 Models

click to view
Poly Box Truck
50 Models

click to view
Steel Debris Truck
2 Models

click to view
Poly Tilt Truck
9 Models

click to view

Bulk Storage Truck
 34 Models

click to view
Bulk Shelf Truck
 12 Models

click to view
Storage Bin Truck
4 Models

click to view
Bar & Pipe Cart
10 Models

click to view

1 Model

click to view
Bar & Pipe Cradle
3 Models

click to view
Storage Rack
4 Models

click to view
Storage Bin Rack
4 Models

click to view

Pallet Truck
11 Models

click to view
Hand Truck Steel
32 Models
click to view
Hand Truck Alum.
27 Models

click to view
Appliance Truck
7 Models
click to view 

Dollies - All Types
36 Models

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Dock Board
18 Models

click to view
Dock Plate
 52 Models

click to view
Caster Wheels / Tires
6 Styles
click to view  

Georgia Buggy
6 Models 

click to view
Concrete Cart
 5 Models

click to view
All-Steel Wheelbarrow
4 Models 

click to view
Poly Wheelbarrow
4 Models 

click to view

Mortar Tub
 4 Models

click to view
Mortar Box
6 Models

click to view 
Brick & Block Cart
2 Models

click to view
Brick Wheelbarrow
6 Models 

click to view

Barrel Cart
1 Model

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Rubber Bucket
5 Sizes

click to view 
Rubber Strap
3 Sizes

click to view 
Hot Water Hose
1 Size

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Below are 3 additional Product Divisions
that you may have some interest in

Little Giant
Pump & Parts

Factory Distribution Center  

Commercial Product Series
Industrial Product Series


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Clearinghouse Outlet

Highest Quality
100% New & Older New
Heavy Hardware,
Industrial Tools,
Mill Supplies, Fasteners,
Pipe Fittings, Valves
& much more

at or below Factory Cost

Deals on Major Brands




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Older Vintage Products
America's Industrial Past



mounted for Display
for your Office or Home 

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Providing the industrial user with a
superior product, both in design & strength.

of the Cheap Copies  that are coming in off-shore

Don't be Fooled by the
"Erector Set Style, Bolted Body Carts" 


These TOYS come in all Colors,
so be very careful....

Pictures can be very deceiving....

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Best Made in USA Models
available today

Our Product Mix reflects only Premium Quality Products,

designed for the contractor, fabricator & industrial user,
for their shop, jobsite & manufacturing transportation needs..

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" Professionals that need a Cart, always call Industromart "  

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