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We try to do things right.

We are not your everyday internet company,
that has operators fielding calls,

that know nothing about their product, except what it says on it's web page....

We do not hide shipping costs within our advertised prices,
as some companies do.

We quote real freight costs, based on your location.

Whether an order is being shipped from our headquarters here in NJ,
or from one of our distribution warehouses,
or even if it is being drop-shipped from one of our manufacturers,
we follow up on it, until it is in your hands.

We have
Real people, with Real knowledge, quoting Real prices

and we stock product.





Inquiries regarding Product Availability, Pricing or Specifications,
please contact
our Customer Service Dept.

 Toll Free  877-869-0200     In NJ, call  201-489-4241

 Customer Service Fax 201-489-6363     E- Mail


We are a
Distribution Center & we are only able to accept written orders.

ORDER ENTRY FAX  201-489-6650    operates 24 hours 7 days

E-Mail ORDERS will be accepted if sent as an Attachment

All orders are confirmed the same business day they are received.

Sorry No Verbal Orders can be accepted.

Business Hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm  Eastern Standard Time  M - F

Mailing Address:    ZAENTZ Industromart Div.
                                          75 State Street   Hackensack, NJ  07601



Please be sure of your purchase for we have a
that is because we offer our Product to Everyone
at Dealer Cost,
regardless of the quantity being ordered or who's ordering it.

All we ask, is that you be sure of the Model(s) you wish to order.

All Product Warranties are honored.

Any Order Cancellation,
must be made the Same Business Day the order is received.

Serving Industry for over 70 years


If we can help you, feel free to call us Toll-Free at 1-877-869-0200
e-mail our
"SPRINT RESPONSE TEAM"  ,  just click on their Link Below:



Our "Whirly's" continue to sweep the country......
       COUNTERTOPS, DOORS, MILLWORK, LAMINATES & much more.........


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Family Owned

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for over 70 years

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Monday - Friday  
9:00am - 5:00pm

Eastern Standard Time

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