JOBSITE Trailers & Wagons
Steel Body Flush Deck
Steel Body Lipped Deck

A Whirly Favorite

   3,000 lb. Capacity
Contractor Grade Series

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Job-site Trailer / Wagon
(8) Eight - 16" x 4"
Pneumatic Tires
distribute load
over a greater surface area,
which results in a better balanced load

Available in  4  Deck Sizes

30" x 48"    30" x 60"

36" x 60"    36" x 72"

All Steel Industrial Strength,
Flush Deck & Lipped Deck
Industrial Roof Cart, Trailer Wagon

All Welded Construction
12 Gauge Steel

Durable Powder Coated Finish

3,000 lb. High Weight Capacity

1" Axle
T-Handle with 2 1/2" I.D. Ring,
intermittent low speed towing on site


Flush Steel Deck Series
 8 - 16" x 4" Pneumatic Tires
3,000 lb. Capacity

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Flush Steel Lipped Deck Series
 8 - 16" x 4" Pneumatic Tires
3,000 lb. Capacity

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" Professionals that need a Cart, always call Industromart "

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